Build your pick-up and dine-in business

Unlimited free advertising

Boost Traffic

We connect you directly to your most loyal customers - and their networks. Turn targeted offers on/off in seconds, reaching those most likely to order.

Own Customer Relationships

Delivery apps come between you and your customers. Zayve lets you control the customer experience -and keep the money

Build Loyalty

We incentivize customers to market for you. They share offers with their networks and form fan groups. A transactional experience becomes more social.


Post your promotional offer on your phone in 30 seconds.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Zayve different from the delivery apps?

Rather than placing ourselves between you and your customers, Zayve allows you to maintain control. You interact directly with your customers, owning both the customer experience and the relationship. And you book the entire sale. Every time. We charge you exactly nothing. Instead, we offer you a free channel for unlimited advertising. Customers can book tables, pick up orders, or request delivery through your alternative delivery options.

How much will using Zayve cost us?

Zayve will charge you exactly nothing. Our service is free for participating restaurants. We also charge nothing to our users/your customers. Instead, we make your customers aware not only of your discount, but how much they are saving on each order without the various fees and charges added by delivery companies (on average between 15% and 25% of the order value).

Is advertising on Zayve effective?

Advertising will be free, unlimited, targeted, and exponentially more efficient than traditional advertising methods - either online or offline. The key to ad conversion is targeting ads to customers that have demonstrated an intent to purchase. Tech companies have spent millions to uncover intent - by analyzing purchase patterns, search histories, even online conversations. Zayve takes a less intrusive approach: we simply ask our users. A large percentage of the restaurants on our app have been requested by users - identified as user favorites. And they leverage Zayve to recommend these favorites to their networks. A trusted recommendation (from friends and family) has much higher value than reviews from random strangers - again leading to exponentially higher ad conversion rates.

How will Zayve build its user base?

During our pilot phase Zayve will only be available in selected areas in Los Angeles. Initially we will rely on user requests to identify their favorite restaurants, and on restaurants to make their broader customer base aware of the app. But Zayve is designed to be social by definition; users are incentivized to share favorite restaurants and offers with their communities. Over time we will add formal loyalty programs and build targeted marketing campaigns as we enter new neighborhoods and cities.

Will Zayve bring me new customers?

Zayve is designed to be social by nature. Our users are incentivized to share their favorite restaurants and offers with their communities - friends and families, friends of friends, and so on. So Zayve does target new customers. But we also target repeat customers - perhaps uniquely so for online applications. The building of both new and repeat business is a key benefit that differentiates us from other options in the market.

Why will our customers use Zayve?

Zayve offers users something they don’t often get: choice. Rather than discounts on things they don’t want, Zayve gives them discounts they want from restaurants they choose. Users enjoy the convenience of accessing all of their favorite restaurants in one place - as well as an overview of all available discounts in their area at any given time. Customers can access significant savings if they are willing to pick up their orders; a 10% discount from their favorite restaurant, for example, can unlock as much as 30% savings over delivery. Finally, Zayve offers users a way to support local communities by helping to save local businesses and jobs.

Where is Zayve active?

We are currently in our pilot phase. Zayve is only active in selected areas of Los Angeles - specifically the West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz neighborhoods. We plan to expand across the LA area by mid-year 2021.

Does Zayve deliver orders?

Zayve offers customers the options of dine-in or pick up only. If restaurants have their own delivery options, these can be added via direct contact with customers.


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